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Welcome to A1 Tropicals

We Supply tropical fish and accessories at fair prices with exceptional advice and service to the people of Adelaide

A1 Tropicals is a proud supplier of quality fresh water tropical fish and goldfish. We stock an extensive range of tropical community fish, cichlids, and standard and fancy goldfish. Siamese fighting fish are our specialty at A1 Tropicals, with up to 15 different varieties on hand. If we don't have what you are looking for, we will endeavour to source it for you.

We pride ourselves on our clean display tanks, vibrant fish, friendly staff and great advice. Whether you are just starting out, or have many years of experience, A1 Tropicals can assist in making fish keeping an enjoyable pastime.

Now open 7 days a week, drop in and see Ryan, Caroline or Nick for all your fish related needs.

Aquarium Hire

Did you know that having an aquarium in he reception area of your office, doctor’s surgery or dentist’s office has been proven to relax people in stressful situations? Renting a fish tank and placing it in your office will improve the mood of all those who pass through it.

When you hire an aquarium from us you just set it and forget. We take care of installation and setup, then we’ll come in and clean and maintain the tank at regular intervals to make sure that it’s perfectly clean and gorgeous. We’ll even replace dead fish at no charge! You don’t need to do a thing. Read more...


Aquariums and Tanks

Whether it be a small, 12 inch tank or a large, odd shaped fully custom built tank with cabinet, we’ve got you covered. We stock a large range of pre-fabricated tanks which you can buy off the shelf or order from our catalogue.

Our biggest claim to fame, though, is the fully customised tanks we build completely in house. Come in and talk to the person that is actually going to be building your tank and cabinet, using the highest quality raw materials. There’s no middle man either, so the prices are surprisingly good. Read more...


Aquarium Supplies

Need plants, rocks, driftwood or novelty aquarium accessories? Come take a look at our huge range. We’re always bringing in new stock, so be sure to drop in regularly. Read more...